Hi. I'm Thibault Roumengous.

And this is my personal website where I gather things I've done, do and will be doing, ranging from science to music, literature, and even extreme sports.

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Some of my work, somewhat organized.

Take your pick.


Some of my research work so far.
Brain imaging, motor learning, experiments, mechanical design, 3D printing, reports...


Audio engineering, sound design, rock/metal covers and original music.


Mostly french poetry, some short novels, ranging from Sci-Fi to Philosophy.


Mainly freerunning videos, with a few pictures of climbing and martial arts.


Data analysis, programs involving Ruby, Python and other softwares. Retro videogames coding (2D plateform).


Co-founder and administrator at "Extended Life", online discussion group and database related to fighting aging. Regenerative medecines, molecular biology, robotics...

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Or send a email to thi.roum@hotmail.fr

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