Extended Life (online social group).

I co-founded this project with a friend. It's an online discussion group and database focused on biotechnologies used to fight age related diseases. I set up the editorial line and sometimes write reports and publish them.
You can find the group on Facebook by following this link.

We decided to launch this project a few years ago because new discoveries are happening faster than ever and we want to get people from different backgrounds interested in Biotechnologies. Our purpose is to share information and make it available to the public but also to highlight scientific achievements and discuss their impacts. Besides, another aim of this project is to raise awareness for potential investors by presenting the–sometimes obscure–scientific content in an exciting and promising way.

Here you will find a report that I wrote, investigating a potential method to regenerate the immune system and thus fight against the second most common cause of death; cardiovasculary failure. The method relies on a multidisciplinary approach (robotics, bioengineering, surgery) and consists of artificially rejunevating bone marrow and transplanting it.

If you want to know more please read the report that is available as a PDF (French only).

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