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Publishing French Poetry

This book gathers texts I wrote when I was fairly young.
The tone is rather dark and satirical with the main topics relating to death, violence, and pain but some poems explore broader topics such as politics, sociology/psychology and science.

I had the opportunity to get published by Stellamaris Editions.

The book can be ordered on Amazon, by clicking on the cover.

Also available as a PDF.

Short novels

Symbole Perdu (2015)

Probably my most arcane and experimental work. I came up with a mixing of poetry, sci-fi, and philosophy as the story has several levels of interpretation.

Mise à Niveau (2015)

A very short novel written as practice. Intro: When Julian Treloic realizes that he might be confined in a mental institution, he decides to escape...

Pilleurs d'épaves (unfinished)

A sci-fi novel about spaceships scavengers. Unfinished.

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